Latimer is an historic village dating back to the 13th Century and is a Conservation Area.  It is a typical example of a feudal or ‘close’ village, in that it belonged for 300 years to the Compton family, who controlled the number and occupation of all its cottages.

During World War II, Latimer House was requistioned and became a military prison.  Post-war it housed the Joint Services College and subsequently the National Defence College.  The Parkfield Estate was built to house the management, teaching staff and administrative staff for these ventures.  When they closed it was sold off for private housing.

Now the estate has an active resident’s association with events throughout the year and a vibrant community spirit.  One of the highlights is the annual Guy Fawkes fireworks display.

The village itself is little more than a hamlet. 

It has no school, no shop, no bus and no pub, just a selection of 17th and 18th Century houses around the village green.  The Church, the origins of which date back to the 13th Century (like the House), gives the two communities, Latimer and Parkfield a common focal point.