Tylers Hill

Tylers Hill derives its name from the ancient local tile making industry.  Both that and the famous local brickmakers helped to shape Cowcroft Woods, which is situated in Tylers Hill.

Walking beneath the canopy of oak and beech (or buck, from which the county name is derived), you will find an astonishing network of deep channels and gulleys in Cowcroft.  These claypits are evidence of an industry which was thriving as far back as Tudor times.  Nowadays they provide a rich nature reserve and an amazing place for walkers.

The network of lanes which serve Tylers Hill – Tylers Hill Road, Broomstick Lane and the now disused Trapp’s, Bottom Lane and Pump Lane which all head towards Chesham town, provide fine examples of the banked lanes peculiar to Buckinghamshire.

Tylers Hill is also home to the Anglican Church, St George’s and to the Parish Burial Ground, the maintenance of which is the responsibility of the Parish Council.