What we do

Latimer and Ley Hill Parish Council is funded by levying a ‘precept’ collected from with the council tax paid by the residents of the Parish.

Latimer and Ley Hill Parish Council consists of two councillors from Latimer and five councillors from Ley Hill.  The Chairman and Vice-Chairman represent each village.  Councillors serve on a voluntary basis, but the clerk is employed to carry out administrative tasks.  Both the Councillors and the clerk devote their time and energy to ensure the wellbeing of the people and the local environment.

How we work

We are responsible to parishioners for a variety of services including street lighting, footpaths, the management of open spaces including Tyler’s Hill Burial Ground and working in partnership with Buckinghamshire Council on public rights of way.  It is also our responsibility to inform Buckinghamshire Council regarding maintenance of council property.  Most importantly we are a contact point for County services.  We can also answer your questions regarding planning applications and Council driven road works.


The Parish Council is consulted by the planning authority, Buckinghamshire Council about all planning applications affecting Latimer and Ley Hill.


The Parish Council regularly survey the parishioners for suggestions of improvements to the parish, then do their best to carry out as many as possible.  Information can be found on the latest survey here – Survey.


The Parish Clerk looks to obtain funding from Buckinghamshire Council for a variety of resources and activities.

Parish Assets

The Parish Council owns a beacon, noticeboards, seats, litter bins and a range of other assets around the parish.  A bench has recently been installed on the common in memory of the late Councillor Sanders.

Open Spaces

A number of open spaces in the village are maintained, cut and planted by the Parish Council,  and Buckinghamshire Council.  A Litter Blitz is organised in Ley Hill and Latimer to keep the villages free of rubbish at least twice a year.


The Parish Council advertises their agendas, minutes, accounts and activities via the Parish Council noticeboards and parish website.  There is also an electronic newsletter which residents can sign up to.  The Parish Council informs residents of its activities and advice in the Ley Hill and Botley News and Views magazine.


The Parish Council has a Movable Vehicle Activated Sign which records the number of cars and their speeds.  Using the data, the Parish Council works with Thames Valley Police to address speeding within the village.  Community Speedwatch checks are run by volunteers in the community and drivers who exceed the speed will receive letters from Thames Valley Police.

The Beacon

The Beacon is lit, often as part of a national chain at significant dates in the calendar.

Christmas Tree

At the beginning of December each year the Parish Council arranges for the Christmas Tree situated near the Beacon to be lit.